von: Robby Glantz

Secret of Hockey Speed Vol. 2

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With the same innovative techniques, easy to understand teaching terminology and creative camer angles, Volume 2 picks up where Volume I left off.
This video concentrates on showing skating techniques not covered in Volume I including: Speed with 1 or 2 hands on the stick, Lateral mobility, Pivot stops, Quick feet, Edgework and much, much more.
Volume 2 will show you how to skate faster with the puck on your stick including: Breakaway speed, Change of direction, Power moves, Puck Protection and stickhandling.
With Volume II, you are sure to learn what it takes to get your skating to a new level.
Running time is 50 minutes

Robby\'s resume includes:

Power Skating Consultant for the NHL\'s LOS ANGELES KINGS.
Power Skating Consultant for the NHL\'s Atlanta Thrashers.
Power Skating Coach for the German National Teams and Numerous other Pro Hockey Teams worldwide.
First Power Skating Coach ever hired by the Hockey Associations of Germany, Norway and Switzerland.
His articles on Skating have appeared in Numerous Magazines, including USA Hockey Magazine, Inside Hockey Magazine, Hockey Player Magazine... and in hundreds of websites

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