Bauer Prodigy Hockey Helmet Combo Youth

Model/Artikelnr.: PRODIGYHHC


The Bauer Prodigy Youth Hockey Helmets (With Cage) are an excellent choice for any young hockey player. The Prodigy Helmet showcases youth-specific features like the quick-release chin strap buckle, quick-release facemask snaps, 4-position j-hook mounts and adjustable top-clips. The chin strap comes with a traditional snap so that a player can adjust the length of the strap, but Bauer also included a quick-release buckle that any youth hockey player can use with ease. The facemask snaps on the Prodigy Cage slide on rather than snapping, requiring much less force to use compared to traditional adult helmets. 

The 4-position j-hook mounts and adjustable top-clips are another great addition because it allows parents to change how the cage sits on the face as a player grows. Internally, the Bauer Prodigy Helmet utilizes a traditional dual-density liner that provides age-specific protection and a high-level of comfort. The Dual-Ridge Crown enhances protection while the shell promotes excellent airflow through the large vents. The shell also includes tool-free adjustment pieces on both sides, once the side flaps are flipped up, the helmet will be able to expand and contract so that it may better fit a player's head. 

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