Bauer RE-AKT 75 Hockey Helmet Combo

Model/Artikelnr.: REAKT75HHC
Sie sparen: 20.13EUR
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The Bauer RE-AKT 75 Hockey Helmet combines the best protecting and most comfortable features of two successful helmets, the IMS 7.0 and the 7500, and combines them into one. One of Bauer's most premier foams, XRD, covers the temple areas for maximum protection on such a vital part of the brain. The back of the helmet features re-engineered Seven+ Technology, that does an unparalleled job of managing high-energy impacts that most commonly occur at the back. 

The rest of the suspended liner is constructed of multiple densities of foams. The top layer of this foam that rests on the head offers a traditional and soft feel, while the under layers provide the bulk of the protection. The suspended aspect of this helps to better manage rotational impacts unlike the foams, which handle most of the linear impacts. 

The shell is tailored after the top of the line RE-AKT 100, which includes colored air vent options. The RE-AKT 75 helmet comes with a tool-less adjustment system that enables players to securely adjust their helmet on the fly if need be. 

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