Bauer Supreme ONE PRO blade Sr.

Model/Artikelnr.: TONE.RB
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The Bauer Supreme OnePro hockey blade features the same TeXtreme® carbon and Pore Core 3 blade core as seen on fan favorite one-piece Totalone stick.


  • Construction:
    • Lightweight TeXtrreme® construction
    • Matted blade finish
    • Flat bottom Profile
  • Hosel:
    • TeXtreme® Carbon
  • Core:
    • Power Core 3:Utilizes different materials for the ultimate power and performance
      • The Power Core 3 is unique foam reinforced with aramid fibers to absorb impact energy for increase blade 'feel' while adding blade strength
      • AERO FOAM II adds stability to the blade reducing deflection and boost accuracy
      • Power Core 3 is lighter than Power Core II, improving the overall weight and balance of the stick


  • Fits: Traditional hockey shafts
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