Bauer Nexus 2N Pro Grip Sticks Intermediate 2018

Model/Artikelnr.: 2NPROIHSINT
Sie sparen: 73.79EUR
65 55
P92 P28
 This was possible with exciting new technologies that include the R-LITE Blade Core, ACL Technology and a new Duraflex Resin system. 
The blade boasts the biggest upgrades over the previous 1N. The 2N Pro debuts a new R-LITE Blade Core that is by far the most popular construction in the NHL today. Based off of the 1X LITE, the R-LITE option is significantly lighter and stiffer than before but the 2N Pro features a fiber reinforced dampening layer for ultimate puck control. Bauer also used ACL Technology (Advanced Carbon Layering) that reduces weight without sacrificing durability by using thinner, more strategically placed carbon layers. 

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