Bauer Vapor X700 LITE Grip Sticks Intermediate

Model/Artikelnr.: X700LITEIHSINT
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P92 P28

Bauer was able to reduce the weight by 20 grams, making this X700 Lite one of the absolute lightest at this price point. The blade features exciting MaxBalance Technology that helped with bringing the weight down while also increasing its durability and playability. 

MaxBalance works with the BiMax 3K carbon fiber blade weave to remove about 15 of the 20 grams, which improves the balance point and helps to get shots off quicker. Vapor's signature QRT Taper makes it debut in the X700 Lite, which is Bauer's quickest release taper to date. Lastly is the new Easton-inspired UD Carbon, which is lighter and more responsive than the previous Basketweave carbon. 

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