CCM Jetspeed Pro2 Grip Composite Hockey Stick Intermediate

Model/Artikelnr.: JPO2HSINT
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JetSpeed's hybrid kick point adapts to each different type of shot thanks to its softer taper zone and strategically placed stiffness point in the lower third of the shaft. 

Construction-wise, the JetSpeed Pro2 features high-end C6 carbon fiber in both the shaft and the blade, which helps to reduce weight and increases responsiveness. It also boasts CCM's new X-Flow Technology which also helps to reduce weight without compromising strength. 

In terms of feel and control, the new JS4 Blade debuts new Damp-Core Technology that provides better feedback from the puck to the player's hands. The Pro2's blade has also been strategically reinforced in the heel and toe, ensuring this stick is built to last. 

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