CCM RibCor Trigger 4 Pro Grip Composite Hockey Stick Intermediate

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The Trigger 4 Pro debuts the new asymmetrical taper that provides better accuracy, more durability, a quicker release and even helps to reduce weight too. 

Speaking of weight, CCM was able to bring the weight down to 394 grams which makes this the first sub-400g RibCor to date. Another big change for the Trigger 4 Pro is the new Agility blade core that helps to speed up the shot release without sacrificing accuracy. The softer linear profile allows the blade to slightly whip during the shooting process, which acts as a mini-flex profile and creates better energy transfer. To prevent any twisting of the blade, CCM added torsional stiffness to keep the blade face square to the target at all times. 

In terms of materials, CCM is using the same Sigmatex 18K carbon fiber and X-Flow Resin System that has elevated the overall performance of their elite sticks across the board. Sigmatex is truly one of the highest quality fibers on the market and improves durability, energy flow, consistency, weight reduction and much more. Much of the same can be said of the X-Flow Resin System that is essentially the glue that holds the stick together. X-Flow is one of the best maintaining "new stick pop" and helps to prevent stick breakage as best as possible. 

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