CCM RibCor Trigger3D PMT Grip Sticks Intermediate

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While the RibCor Line has been known for this, the Trigger 3D takes it to a whole new level thanks to a big upgrade in construction and materials this year. 

CCM used an all-new speared shaft construction and X-Flow Resin Technology that significantly improves energy transfer, durability and overall playability since the shaft walls are much more consistent and utilize more carbon fiber than ever before. Along the same lines, the Trigger 3D integrates its unique RibCor Shaft Geometry much more gradually this year, which better allows energy to transfer through the stick and into the puck for a quicker, harder shot release. 

While the Sigmatex 18K Carbon Fiber isn't new, it plays a pinnacle part in such elite on-ice performance and durability. Its other standout characteristic is its ability to remain featherlight without having to sacrifice strength. 

Lastly, the Ascent 3 Blade Core features an optimized stiffness profile that offers a softer puck feel in the heel for technical dangles, but it increases in stiffness as you go heel-to-toe. This is key for sniping because the stiffness maintains pinpoint accuracy by preventing the blade from twisting on big shots. 

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