Easton Stealth CX ST Grip Hockey Stick Int.

Model/Artikelnr.: CXSTInt
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The Easton Stealth CX ST Grip Hockey Stick is the most durable stick of the CX family. The CX ST stick debuts Easton's new Exo-Rim™ Technology that gives players much-improved accuracy and longevity. This strong outer frame keeps the blade face square to the target during the shooting process for pinpoint precision, while reinforced outer frame helps to prevent chipping and cracking.

The XTX Extra Tough Resin Matrix is another new technology showcased in the CX ST hockey stick. This strong epoxy material works with the carbon fiber to balance high-end responsiveness, longevity and feel. Easton brought back their classic Stealth shaft construction which includes the elliptical taper. This unique taper shape enables the Easton's CX ST stick to have an ultra low kick point with a wicked quick shot release. The HyperToe™ Design allows players to get the puck off quicker and harder through the unique stiffened toe section. The Multi-Ribs assists the Exo-Rim™ frame to resist twisting or torquing for sniper-like accuracy while the Micro-bladder blade process gives the stick consistent puck feel from heel to toe.

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