Easton Synergy 650 Grip Hockey Sticks Int

Model/Artikelnr.: 650HSTINT
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The Synergy 650 debuts exciting new Shot Boost Technology (SBT) that not only makes this the most powerful stick from Easton to date, but it also significantly decreases weight while increasing strength by 46%. Thin carbon fiber tubes run along the insides of the shaft corners, allowing the players to load even more energy into the shaft during the shooting process. 

Also debuting in the Synergy Line in this 650 is HyperTune and HyperToe technologies. HyperTune is a pro-requested feature in which the blade stiffness matches that of the shaft. This benefits players using lower flexes by giving them a softer blade that they can load like the shaft for better power and feel. Players using a higher flex will have a blade that is stiffer than the lower flex sticks, again maximizing power and feel. HyperToe are ribs found in the toe of the blade that significantly increase stiffness, making it ideal for toe shooters because they will feel the extra shot velocity as the blade loads and releases power just like the shaft!

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