CCM Jetspeed FT460 Goalie Ice Hockey Skates Junior

Model/Artikelnr.: 191520277697
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The FT460 offers solid structural stiffness for ankle support while also allowing for a heat-moldable process that provides a much more custom fit.

Down low, the FT460 boasts CCM's new XSG Holder and XSG1 Runner. The XSG Holder is 60% lighter than the previous Attack Profile Holder, offering goalies a lighter construction and even better attack angle thanks to the additional 2mm of steel in the XSG1 Runner. Without the cowling and having the extra 2mm of steel, the FT460 allows goalies to get deeper in their stance for explosive pushes in the crease. The patent pending holder also allows goalies to quickly swap out broken or damaged steel in seconds and doesn't require any tools to do so.

Internally, the FT460 features a HD Microfiber that resists wear and breakdown while remaining soft and comfortable for the foot. On top boasts a 7mm felt tongue that helps with forward flexion and reduces the chances of lace-bite with its embossed exterior. 

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