CCM Jetspeed FT390 Ice Pants Junior

Model/Artikelnr.: HP390J
Sie sparen: 25.55EUR
Rot Schwartz Navy Blue
Small Medium Large X Large

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Through the kidney, hips and lower thighs, CCM used thick MD foam with ribbed PE inserts for serious impact protection. Internally, the dual-zone liner with DryFoam technology provides next-level moisture-management and comfort due to its hydrophobic liner and the perforated DryFoam design.

The high-wear areas like the hips boast HD overlays on the 400D nylon to ensure the pant lasts as well as it performs. The rear panels consist of a breathable polyester and strategically placed stretch zones. These work with the XL stretch gusset to allow players to get a complete stride extension without being held back by the pant. 

The CCM FT390 pant has also been well upgraded in the adjustment category. It utilizes a pro-inspired internal belt system that is more secure, comfortable and responsive than the traditional external belt. Underneath the padded belt line is a hidden zippered fit extension system that quickly allows the shell of the pant to drop 1", great for tall players or those who are still growing. 

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