Bauer Vapor 1X Grip Hockey Sticks Jr.

Model/Artikelnr.: 1XGJr.
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The Bauer Vapor 1X Grip Hockey Stick is the premier model in the new Vapor Line. This 1X features all of Bauer's premier technologies and materials, including a completely redesigned QRT Taper that loads 20% faster and recoils 28% faster than the previous APX2. Translation: the Vapor 1X's innovative taper offers the quickest shot release from Bauer to date. 

Not only did the taper get a significant and noticeable upgrade from the previous APX2, but the new Aero-Sense II blade core gives the 1X an unbelievably balanced feel by being directly integrated into the outer layer of the TeXtreme™ carbon fiber. This addition Sense Layer prevents chipping/cracking, it prevents premature blade breakdown and it provides excellent puck feel from heel to toe. 

The Vapor 1X stick also comes with Bauer's exclusive TeXtreme™ carbon fiber with an eLASTech Resin system that isn't found on any other Vapor stick. TeXtreme™ carbon is not only 20% lighter than traditional carbon, it's also 20% stronger too. Combine that with eLASTech Resin that keeps the 1X feeling newer, longer while simultaneously preventing micro-fractures from forming; this top of line twig boasts some of the best durability around. 

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