CCM Super Tacks AS1 Hockey Shin Guards Junior

Model/Artikelnr.: SGAS1J

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The lower leg rests safely and comfortably behind a wall of protection including D30 Smart Foam, compressed high-density foam, JDP knee cap, and a molded ribbed shin shell.

Taking the brunt force of any impact is the JDP knee cap and ribbed shell to quickly and efficiently dissipate impact energy away from the leg. The knee can safely rely on CCM's premium D30 foam to absorb impacts that manage to make their way through. Compressed high-density foams anatomically wrap around the calf and bolster the knee wing while strategically placed D30 brings everything together to provide the very best shot block protection.

Internally, the liner is essentially a three-piece design to give players full customization to their fit and comfort. The upper thigh and lower shin piece have Velcro attachments that can either raise or lower while the knee has been cut out to provide the ultimate lock. New in the Tacks line is the fully adjustable calf strap that allows players of all calf sizes to truly wrap and lock their protection in place. The liner also features thick medium-density foams that provide an anatomical fit and to increase comfort and impact absorption.


Pad Size Player Height cm
8" 102 - 112
9" 112 - 142
10" 122 - 137
Pad Size Player Height cm
11" 132 - 142
12" 142 - 157
13" 157 - 168
14" 163 - 170 
15" 170 - 182
16" 182 - 190
17" 190+


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