Bauer Supreme 2S Ice Hockey Skates Junior

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The featherlight Curv Composite boot and outsole offer elite-level support and stability for explosive power through each stride.

Bauer's proprietary 3D-lasting process takes the Curv composite and manufactures it in such a way that it provides an anatomically-correct fit around the foot even before the heat molding process is done. While this can be seen from the outer shape of the boot, the sensation can be felt on the inside. The Lock-Ft+ Dual-Zone Liner takes this great fit and improves stability inside the 2S by using a grippier lower section that locks to foot in while the upper HydraMax 2 material manages-moisture and abrasion-resistance. 

The new Reflex tongue and the Free Flex tendon guard work together to improve efficiency and effectiveness by promoting a longer, uninhibited skating stride. The tendon guard has a much wider range of motion compared to traditional skates, thus it allows the player to completely finish their stride all the way through the toe-snap process. The Reflex tongue found on this 2S is built on a pro-style, asymmetrical 48oz felt and injected foam base but Bauer strategically integrated the plastic insert in a way that promotes much better forward flex compared to years past. This is a vital part to maximizing power because it allows the player to easily get into an aggressive skating stride over the balls of their feet. 

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