Edge Again Manual

Model/Artikelnr.: EA-4MH

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EDGE AGAINTM diamond coated tusks micro sharpen the blade's 4 sides that make up the 2 edges that are on a skate blade. Our process does not affect the hollow or the contour of the blade that were created with conventional skate sharpening machines. Extensive testing has proven its viability and trainers that have tested EDGE AGAIN™, have indicated their desire to own this device.

A trauma is any imperfection in the edge of a skate blade. A trauma can be caused by a collision with another skate, or by walking on your skates on a hard or soft surface. Even though you are walking on rubber dirt or debris can just catch the edge the right way and take away its sharpness. When viewed under a microscope, trauma will appear as a radius, chamfer, or burr on the edge of the blade. When skating an experienced player can feel that his edge has been compromised during light turns or stops. This uneasy feeling affects confidence when performing at high levels.

As you can see on the right, this 120x magnification of half a cross section of a blade looks pointy as the blade was freshly sharpened. The center cross section shows a typical trauma under magnification. The right image is taken after
EDGE AGAIN™ has been used on this blade for around a minute.


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