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SIDAS 3 FEET insole

Model/Artikelnr.: SDS3F

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SIDAS, this France-based company is considered to have among the highest performing and the most sophisticated fitting process in the world. SIDAS footbeds are used in Graf skates to improve fit, comfort and performance. A long list of NHL players use SIDAS/Graf foootbeds in their skates ( check here the list of the players :http://www.grafcanada.com/hockey/pro_hockey_players.php ).


The SIDAS  3 FEET insoles feature high-quality construction along with a great amount of research and engineering to provide one of the best performing and beneficial support insoles. With the option to choose between Low, Medium and High Arch support, these footbeds provide players with optimal positioning within any brand of hockey skate for superior speed, support, stability and power.


As the game of hockey continues to evolve into a faster and faster game, player's feet are feeling much more stress and abuse than ever. The Custom Support Insoles rely on the Dynamic Arch Cradle (D.A.C.) that contours to the bottom of the foot in a way that evenly distributes stresses and weight. This strategic weight redistribution allows players to get the most absolute power out of each and every stride.


SIDAS  3 FEET insoles features Anti-bacterial bamboo top cover, very breathable, to reduce foot odour. ECO Ortholite layer to provide cushioning and comfort. EVA shell pre-formed to support high. medium and low arches.


* Large gel heel pad and forefoot EVA pad provide ergonomic cushioning to match the characteristics of high-arched feet.

* Regular gel heel pad provides ergonomic cushioning to match the characteristics of mid-arched feet.

* Small gel heel pad provides ergonomic cushioning to match the characteristics of low-arched feet.



Sizes :

XS : US 3 - 4
S : US 5 - 6
M : US 7 - 8
L : US 9 - 10
XL : US 11 - 12




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