Bauer Nexus 2N Elbow Pads Senior

Model/Artikelnr.: 2NEPSR
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The bicep guard boasts exclusive Vent Armor Foam with new MDP System Technology that provides featherlight, pro-level protection with consistent airflow all game long.

Brought over from Bauer's helmet division, the 2N strategically uses IX-Foam in the elbow donut to provide premier protection from high-mass/low-velocity impacts. Surrounding the IX-Foam is a high-quality, perforated MD foam to keep players cool and dry. For low-mass/high-velocity impacts such as slashes and puck contacts, Bauer reinforced both the bicep and forearm guards with anatomically-shaped plastic inserts. 

Internally, the Nexus 2N elbow pad sports a ThermoMax microfiber liner with new Sanitized Technology. While ThermoMax manages moisture, Sanitized keeps the pad smelling fresher, longer, by preventing odor-causing bacteria from forming. The rigorous treatment process ensures it stays effective and won't wash out over time. 

Measure the length between the shoulder pad and the cuff of the glove. 

Bauer Elbow Pads
Size Age Length (cm)
Small 13+ 26 - 29
Medium 14+ 27 - 32
Large 15+ 29 - 34
X-Large 15+ 32 - 37
Size Age Length (cm)
Small 8 - 10 20 - 23
Medium 10 - 11 22 - 25
Large 11 - 13 24 - 27
Size Age Length (cm)
Small 3 - 5 15 - 18
Medium 5 - 7 16 - 19
Large 7 - 9 18 - 20
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