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Graf Ultra 9035 Ice Hockey Skates Sr.

Model/Artikelnr.: 9035HS
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Graf is getting in on the composite boot game and, in true Graf style, they tried the idea and perfected it in every way.

While the Ultra G9035 lets you fly the same way as the G75 model, your protection and fit vastly improve in this model. With a 3D heel lock that you can physically see to stabilize your foot, the G9035 is the first skate to incorporate carbon fiber in a moldable quarter panel. Some skates make you choose between fit and protection; the G9035 is the exception.

The G9035 comes with a flex 85 flex option. A flex on a skate will give you a custom feel on every stride, turn, cut and stop.

The boot includes an asymetrical quarter design and anatomical ankle padding, which rounds out the perfect fit without destroying your top-end speed capabilities. The non-absorbent 3D Comfort Liner is seamless, allowing your feet to feel as comfortable as possible no matter what the game clock reads.

The Texalite outsole keeps you balanced while the UL5000 holder and stainless steel runner are lightweight and provide you with a solid edge at every turn.

Made in Switzerland

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