Bauer Supreme S190 Grip Hockey Sticks Sr

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The Bauer Supreme S190 Grip Hockey Stick is built for the elite-level player who doesn't want to spend top dollar. The S190 stick utilizes a traditional 12K carbon composite throughout the shaft and the blade, offering pro-preferred responsiveness and feel. New this year to the Supreme Line is the MPK or Maximum Power Kick flex profile. By utilizing a stiffer lower 1/3rd of the shaft and a softened handle, the MPK store 14% more energy and unloads 20% more energy than before.

The Bauer S190 stick has been upgraded with the PowerSense 2 Core that is only found on the this and the 1S. The dampened foams and the Sense Layer help to create more puck contact time during the shot, which helps to load the shaft with more potential energy. This also creates more puck feel, making dangling and catching passes easier for the player. The Sense Layer is an aerospace-grade material that is directly integrated into the outer layer of carbon in the blade, protecting it from chips and cracks that result from violent face offs and digging in the corners. 

  • Heritage: Supreme 190 / ONE.8
  • Level of Play Guideline: Elite
  • Construction: Fused one-piece
  • Shaft Dimensions: Rounded Corners / Slightly Concave Sidewalls
  • Flex Point: Mid Kick
  • Weight: 449 grams (Based on a 85 flex, P92 curve) 

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