CCM Super Tacks AS2 Grip Hockey Stick Senior

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CCM's new optimized mid-kick flex profile creates blistering shot speed and deadly accuracy by using a more stable shaft taper and a softer upper handle. The taper prevents any twisting during the big shots while the softer handle allows the player to generate more power by loading the stick even more. 

The Super Tacks AS2 weighs a solid 440 grams (in SR) but feels even lighter thanks to the improved balance point. CCM refined their construction process specifically in the transition point between the blade and the shaft which helped remove excess materials without compromising strength. Lastly, the C6 carbon fiber paired with the X-Flow Technology creates a dangerously responsive and fine-tuned finish product that will help players blow the puck by the goalie all game long. 

Much like how the taper assists in shot accuracy, the AS2's ACU4 blade core was designed to prevent twisting or torquing under stress like heavy one-timers or slap shots. While the internal foam core delivers a lively feel for the puck, CCM also reinforced key wear points in the heel and toe to fight premature breakdown. 

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