True A5.2 SBP Grip Hockey Sticks Sr

Model/Artikelnr.: A5.2HSSR
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New this year to the A5.2 SBP stick is the BRT Technology found in the blade. Straying from traditional construction, True used braided carbon fiber tubes with injected foams to extend pop life and to increase the overall strength by 50%.

Unlike the traditional rib reinforcements, the braided carbon ribs do a much better and more consistent job of delivering a finished product. These braided ribs join the front and back faces of the blade to better protect the internal foams from premature breakage. The carbon twill wrap adds to the blade's stiffness while simultaneously decreasing weight, giving players a better balanced feel and a more accurate shot.

The carbon twill shaft is constructed using their patented Axenic true one-piece process and SmartPly carbon twill layering. The Axenic construction delivers unparalleled shaft wall consistency from top to bottom, which enhances responsiveness, balance, weight and feel. SmartPly utilizes lightweight carbon twill in strategic patterned layers to optimize strength, longevity and energy transfer. 

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