Bauer Vapor X700 Ice Hockey Skates Sr

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The Bauer Vapor X700 Ice Hockey Skates are loaded with pro-preferred performance features but won't break the bank. Pro-level Tech Mesh Nylon quarter package for traditional "soft-boot" feel and modern-day performance. Three-piece white felt tongue with integrated high-density metatarsal guard, provides ample lace-bite and impact protection.

The Pro TPU outsole boasts a robust design, ensuring excellent energy transfer through each stride. The Vapor X700 also comes with NHL's most popular holder to date, the Tuuk LightSpeed Edge holder. The LightSpeed Edge not only allows players to swap out steel in seconds with its innovative quick-release trigger system but it also sits 3mm taller in the front and rear posts. This 3mm height increase, compared to the previous LightSpeed 2 holder, allows players lean over further on their edges without bottoming out, resulting in one of the most aggressive turning radius on the market. 

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