Mission Inhaler FZ-1 Roller Hockey Skates Senior

Model/Artikelnr.: FZ1RHSSR
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The FZ-1 features a full Curv composite boot construction that is one of the lightest, more responsive and heat-moldable on the market today. Internally, Mission used their Indy Memory Foam ankle pads that provide premium comfort for a broken-in feel right out of the box. 

Sitting inside the CNC Aluminum Hi-Lo frame is one of the best performing wheels money can buy, the Labeda Addictions. These hold Hi-Lo Swiss bearings that ensure blazing speed and glide. Meanwhile, as you fly from coast to coast, the ventilated Hi-Lo toe cap and quarter package vents keep your feet cool and dry all game long by providing constant airflow inside the boot. The Inhaler FZ-1 keeps the top of the foot well protected and extra comfortable by using a pro-level Form-Fit 2 tongue. 

Last but not least, the Mission Inhaler FZ-1 Skate comes with interchangeable colored tendon guard and ankle chips. With six different color options, you can always rock a fresh look as you change teams or as you rotate out the wheels for different colors. 

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