CCM Jetspeed FT1 Shoulder Pads Senior

Model/Artikelnr.: BL4066
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This FT1 debuts RocketFrame composite, the same material the FT1 skate is made of, in the sternum and spine guard for next-level protection and weight reduction. These are a part of the new Amplified-Mobility front and rear panels that allow the shoulder pad to articulate with a player like never before. 

Unlike the lower-end FT390, the JetSpeed FT1 shoulder pad features all high-density foam shoulder caps, bicep guards and collarbone protection. CCM went this route for two key reasons: HD foam is lighter and more adaptable than plastic but offers the same elite-level protection. Another key advantage the closed-cell U+Foam and EVA foam have over PE plastic inserts are that these foams won't absorb water. Their unique design repels water out of the pad and keeps the pad lightweight all game long. 

The last significant update the FT1 boasts is a dual-zone liner that manages moisture extremely well and it is much more comfortable than before. The red, laminated portion has an incredibly soft feel but much like the closed-cell foams, it repels water out of the shoulder pad. The black part of the liner is called DryFoam and its uniquely vented design promotes airflow through the pad while also pushing moisture outward.

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