CCM Super Tacks AS1 Hockey Shoulder Pads Senior

Model/Artikelnr.: SPAS1S
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The Super Tacks AS1's feature three-piece front and rear panel construction that are specifically designed to move with the player and help them achieve maximum mobility while keeping coverage where it needs to be. The AS1's also allow each player to get that desired fit for ultimate comfort on the rink with the new adjustable torso strapping system. Players can adjust the length of the torso straps on both the front and rear panels.

The floating sternum and spine guards have D30 Smart Foam and high-density closed-cell foam to protect one of the most vital areas of the body. Each are surrounded by vented medium-density Armor Foam to increase torso protection and breathability for the player.

Big hits and impact energy are dissipated quickly by the JDP shoulder caps. D30 reinforces the dual-core HD foam caps that keep protection at an elite-level and lightweight status. The attached two-piece bicep guard is highly adjustable to narrow down exactly where protection needs to be, and the lower piece can be completely removed.

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