Warrior Alpha DX Hockey Shoulder Pads Senior

Model/Artikelnr.: DXSPSR
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Warrior managed this by introducing their Dynamic Cap and DX Shell construction. They managed to slim down the DX shoulder caps to significantly reduce weight while maintaining elite-level impact protection and mobility. DX Shell construction is used on the two front side panels and upper portion of the two-piece bicep guards. DX Shell is a compressed EVA foam that has a unique Shell Skin Texture that does a great job of managing low mass, high velocity impacts like slashes and blocked shots.

The floating sternum and spine guards have more compressed EVA foam that is surrounded by dual-density foams to maximize coverage and protection. The Alpha DX Shoulders have a three-piece rear panel construction that utilize thick, medium-density foams and attach via Warrior's I.S.T stretch gusset material. This ultimately provides players with incredible range of motion and mobility, but more importantly keeps the coverage and protection where it needs to be. The front and rear panels are connected with Warrior's Two-Timer system, offering twice as much adjustability as a normal strapping system.

The Warrior Alpha DX interior is lined with Warrior's premium WarTech FnC liner that quickly wicks away moisture to keep players dry and cool throughout the game. The liner has also been bathed in Polygiene, which doesn't wash out and impedes bacteria that causes odors from forming directly at the source.

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