Bauer Core 1.0 Jock Pants (W. Groin support)

Model/Artikelnr.: 1059304
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Pleasant feeling of compression
Bauer Core 1.0 has a patented 4-way Core Activation System that creates an incredible support system for maximum stability and movement.

Support all day, every day
Bauer Core 1.0 provides 40% more support in different directions than normal compression pants. Through support for the lower back, pelvis, hip and groin, you get incredible support and at the same time the opportunity for maximum movement. Comes integrated with jock in both shorts and pants.

The Core 1.0 series consists of shorts and pants and provides support adapted to hockey-specific movements. Through support in the lumbar, pelvis, hip and groin, the entire pelvic area is stabilized, making it easier to control the hip area and improving the elastic tension created by opposite movements. CORE 1.0 is designed to maintain and strengthen mobility, regardless of level and amount of training. Having Core 1.0 during training and matches gives a comfortable feeling of compression and more stable movement. Compared to regular compression pants, Core 1.0 is 40% stronger, and the support in the back, hip, pelvis and groin gives you conditions to reduce the risk of injury and strengthen areas that are often exposed to heavy loads when you play ice hockey.

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