Bauer NG 37.5 Premium Comp Jock Pant Sr

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 These are a breathable and snug-fitting jock pant that provide great coverage to your vital area. 37.5™ technology is infused in the polyester to use your body heat to evaporate the moisture around your skin and the surrounding fabric, keeping you cooler.Any fabric that has 37.5™ integrated in it will dry up to 5 times faster than other similar fabrics and have an anti-odor feature that rejuvenates each time you wash it. The protective cup included is held in place with an elastic suspension system so you're always covered. Mesh inserts throughout the jock increase air circulation and Velcro socks tabs keep your ice socks from falling. Youth Mueller™ ergonomic molded cup included for Junior sizes and Adult Mueller™ ergonomic cup included for Senior sizes.

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