Bauer Supreme S170 Goalie Leg Pads Jr

Model: S170GHPJR
White White/Black
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The Bauer Supreme S170 Goalie Leg Pads introduce a number of great new features. One of those features is the new Custom Rotation Strapping System, which is an extremely efficient design that maximizes pad rotation. Bauer has also introduced a simplified sizing system that takes some of the confusion out of buying leg pads.

The Supreme S170 leg pads have microfiber in the exterior that helps reduce weight. The S170 retains the flat-faced front that has become standard on butterfly pads, which reduces the overall pad weight and ensures more predictable rebounds.

The vertical boot break is stiff but has been softened at points to allow the ankle to move more easily, resulting in more powerful pushes and explosive movements while still maximizing coverage. In addition to the softer boot break, the length of the boot has been shortened to further aid the ability to load up and quickly and powerfully push across the crease.

The Supreme S170 leg pads have a very thin inside edge and hard high density foams keeping the weight down and also helping the pad seal against the ice. The internal foams have been reinforced to produce more explosive deflections, which allows the goaltender to reset and get into position for a any rebound shots that might occur. The S170's knee stack has a large design with soft foam, which helps reduce stress on the knees and hips when dropping into the butterfly.

The new Custom Rotation System is an innovative new strapping design that uses elastic straps instead of the traditional leather straps to better secure the pad to the leg and maximize rotation when transitioning to the butterfly.

The Bauer Supreme S170 leg pads have a high level of quality at a reasonable price point, making them a good choice for any goaltender playing up to the advanced level of junior age competition.

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