Warrior Ritual G4 Goalie Leg Pads Sr

Model: G4LPSR
You save: 2.000,00DKK

Warrior Ritual G4 Leg Pad gives you a maximized coverage made of lightweight design and highest quality materials. Best in Class stability and New HyperComp reinforced thigh rise. The new AIRSLIDE landing surface enhances pad sliding, especially on rough/snowy ice. Enginnered channels decrease friction by reducing surface area that contacts the ice. diagonal orientation of channels is set to the optimal trajectory for sliding through snow and rough ice. The 360 ACTIVEDROP Leg Channel enhances five hole coverage. conventional leg channel keeps the pad centered on the leg while the goalie is in an upright stance unless the pad is worn extremely loose. 360 ACTIVEDROP leg channel encourages the knee and thigh segments of the led pad to drop lower covering more five hole while the goalie is in an upright stance and during butterfly slide transition. Active Drop occurs while still providing a secure feel and fit. G4 also has the RVH OPTIMIZED Outer Roll technology. Conventional Outer Roll shape creates gap between pad face and goal post in reverse VH position, RVH OPTIMIZED Outer Roll seals against goal post in Reverse VH position without sacrificing neccessary puck stopping benefits. Ritual G4 SR Knee Pad included in laundry bag and a new carrying strap included with the leg pads.

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