Bauer Nexus ADV Grip Hockey Stick Intermediate

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With the Nexus ADV, Bauer wanted the ultimate balance of a featherlight feel at 365 grams and versatile playability for players need a stick that can do it all. 

SlingShot Technology is the most obvious and most radical change in blade construction the hockey market has seen for quite some time. The hole enables the Nexus ADV to load and release the puck easier without compromising stability, durability or accuracy. The upper portion is extra stiff for extra stability while the softer lower portion allows the blade to flex, which makes it easier to shoot with. 

The softer bottom of the blade also enhances feel for the puck plus makes catching passes easier too. With reinforced inner and outer edges and after 2,000 hours of on-ice testing, the Nexus ADV with its SlingShot Technology has the durability on par with any other Bauer blade. Don't worry about taping over it either because no matter what tape job players use, it won't affect the blade's performance. 

The backside of the shaft introduces a big change too called ER Spine Technology. This five-sided shaft design dramatically reduces weight without affecting the overall durability. The unique spine shape requires fewer layers of carbon fiber plus it more ergonomically fits into a player's hand for better overall control and comfort. 

Lastly, the ER Spine works with SlingShot Technology to create the easiest loading stick Bauer has ever built. The spine creates a sweet spot through the middle third of the shaft that adapts to a wide variety of shot types for the optimal release every time. 

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