Bauer Supreme TotalOne NXG Grip Hockey Stick Jr.

Model: NXGGJr.
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The Bauer TotalOne NXG Hockey Stick features the Supreme Power Taper and a Amplified Mid-Kick, great for those slapshots and one-timers.  The TotalOne NXG also features a new blade using Bauer's patented Dual-Density Blade Core and eLASTech Technology.

The TotalOne NXG stick features a amplified mid-kick using a softer upper and mid section while the lower part of the shaft is stiffer providing maximum energy output with minimum effort, great for slapshots and one-timers.  The Supreme Power Taper offers square double concave walls to maximize loading with less torquing and twisting for more power and better control.  The TotalOne NXG stick uses Bauer's Monocomp Technology, a single molding process.  By removing any excess materials like over-lapping layers, resin, and foam waste, the balance of the stick is improved and the overall weight is reduced.  The TotalOne NXG stick also features TeXtreme®, an ultra lightweight but very strong carbon fiber.  It is 20% lighter than the conventional carbon but just as strong.

The TotalOne NXG features the Pure Shot Blade profile that expands the throat to increase blade rigidity resulting in a more powerful and more accurate shot.  The TotalOne NXG also features a new blade using Bauer's patented Dual-Density Blade Core delivering great balance, power, and feel.  The Power Core 3 is reinforced with aramid fibers to provide an enhanced feel while the Aero foam provides torsional stiffness to prevent blade deflection increasing accuracy.  Bauer also used the eLASTech Technology.  A proprietary resin system reinforced with carbon nanotubes increase durability and reduce the micro-fractures, keeping the blades life and "pop life" longer

  • Construction:
    • Lightweight TeXtreme® construction
    • Monocomp technology to eliminate the connection point between blade and shaft offer unbelievable balance and responsive feel
  • Flex Profile:
    • Supreme Power Taper
    • Amplified Mid Kick
      • Engineered for maximum energy output with minimum effort
      • Created by using a stiffer lower shaft with a softer middle providing a stick that is easily loaded
      • Perfect for those who lean heavily into their sticks or want an effortless shot release
  • Geometry:
    • Square double concave wall
  • Grip: Tac-Spiral
  • Blade:
  • Pure Shot Blade Profile
    • The optimized blade profile increase the connection point between the blade hosel transition of the stick' reducing the amount of blade deflection or twisting
    • Improved blade control from improved shot accuracy
  • Dual-Density Blade Core
    • Power Core 3 is unique foam reinforced with aramid fibers to absorb impact energy for increase blade 'feel' while adding blade strength
    • Aero Foam provides torsional stiffness to prevent blade deflection
  • eLASTech Technology
    • A proprietary resin system with carbon nanotube reinforcements to increase durability, reducing the spread of micro-fractures caused by slashes and puck impacts, extending a sticks "pop-life" to keep it feeling newer, longer


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