Bauer Vapor X900 Hockey Elbow Pads Jr

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Jr. Small Jr. Large


The Bauer Vapor X900 Elbow Pads feature top end technology at the second level price point. The X900 uses Aerolite™ foam in both the bicep and forearm guards that are lighter than HD foams (dense, light foam) but with the same level of impact protection. This makes the pad extremely lightweight and still provides a high level of protection.

The Aerolite™ is reinforced by a PE (plastic) insert in the bicep guard, and reinforced by an even thicker PE insert in the forearm to better protect against slashes. These two protective pieces are joined by the hard, injected PE elbow cap that is topped with a layer of medium density foams. In order to create maximum mobility, the X900 uses Bauer's Free Flex cap and bicep guard that let the two move independent of each other to keep the protection in place while moving. 

The interior of the pad features 37.5™ technology, which uses the player's body heat to speed up the evaporation process and prevent odors from forming. 

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