True XC9 ACF Grip Sticks Junior

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  • TC2 (P92)

The XC9 utilizes BRT (Braided Rib Technology) in the blade to improve its impact strength by 50% while simultaneously keeping it feeling newer, longer. BRT works with True's signature XCore urethane insert that not only provides 30% more spin on shots for deadly accuracy but it makes catching passes even easier too.

The redesigned blade in the XC9 is lighter than the previous XCore 9, thus moving the balance point higher up the stick for a better-balanced feel in the hands. The shaft still features their Axenic true one-piece design with it's ultra-consistent shaft wall thickness, making it one of the industry's very best. The SmartPly Technology benefits from Axenic by allowing True to wrap the weave tighter and thicker than before, which makes for a stronger, more durable final product that's lighter than the first generation. 

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