Warrior Alpha DX Grip Composite Hockey Stick Junior

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Thanks to their exclusive Sabre Shaft Taper, the DX gives players the optimal shot release no matter if its a big one-timer from the blue line or if it's a quick snap shot in tight near the net.

One of the biggest upgrades in this year's Alpha DX is the new Fuelcore blade. Warrior made a big push to not just increase the performance this year, they wanted to make sure it would last longer too. The new Fuelcore construction prevents premature breakdown so that players can have a stick that maintains that fresh puck feel and shot pop everyone loves. 

Unlike most Warrior sticks in the past, the Alpha DX does not have the same checkered-looking carbon fiber shaft. Lighter and stronger than ever before, the new 1400D Minimus carbon fiber breaks the mold and uses unidirectional carbon on the external shaft layers, resulting in an awesome new look that stands out from the pack. 

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