OdorOut Hockey Combo NEW

Model: SPT.OOT

A gift from nature...that works!™
Naturally Attracts and Traps Odor and Moisture

Don´t cover the smells of your equipment with perfumes. Make it naturally disappear !
Odorout is made of 100% natural Volcanic mineral called zeolite and the Inner pouches are made using a Tyvek® Material.
Natural zeolites are formed when Volcanic ash layers react with heated alkaline groundwater. Zeolites crystallize over periods ranging from thousands to millions of years in shallow marine basins.
Zeolite is a mineral with a negative charge, while most odors have a positive charge. The zeolite acts like a magnet to attract and trap unpleasant odors and moisture by the unique zeolite matrix.
The inner Tyvek® pouch is made from very fine high density polyethylene fibers and is light weight, strong, vapor-permeable and dust free.

Package contains :
1 x 16 oz. OdorOut Pouch to be placed in your equipment bag
2 x 8 oz. OdorOur Pouches to be placed in your gloves or skates

* Makes odors disappear
* No perfumes or cover-ups
* Keeps Hockey Equipment smelling fresh
* Reduces moisture to prevent Mildew and Bacteria

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