Bauer NME VTX NC Cat-Eye Mask

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Brand new you 2018, Bauer has unleashed their newest and most revolutionary goalie mask to date. For decades, Bauer always led the goalie mask category with their ideal fits, protection levels and comfort and the NME VTX hits all of those specifications and beyond.

Starting with the overall look, the NME VTX yields the traditional shape that goaltenders have grown to love in the mask category. Yet, the shell construction itself comes with better materials, quality and designs to capitalize on the success of the NME10. The shell is made from a full TeXtreme design which makes the helmet incredibly strong and rigid, all while reducing 13% of the weight when compared to the NME10. TeXtreme continues to wrap around the entire edge of the shell to help reduce chipping and wear over time. This TeXtreme edge is visibly seen on the inside edge of the shell and is called out by a green perimeter line on the inside of the shell.

Also along the inside, there is a metal reinforced chin to reduce chipping from impacts to that region. Underneath of the foam 3M reinforced specific tape creates a special bond between the foam to the inside of the shell. This unique fit allows for the foam to be removed, when the cage is unscrewed at its 4 attachment points.

Moving to the liner, the NME VTX has all of the bells and whistles to provide one of the most comfortable fits on a goalie mask. With completely multilayered foams and designs for all specific impacts, the VTX has intricate details throughout. At the top of the head, you will find VTX foams mixed with Poron XRD and Thermoformed IX technology to provide rigidity and protection from impact, but extreme comfort through usage. Towards, the ears and temples, the NME VTX has dual layers of Poron XRD foams, HD foams, and VN foams to keep protection and comfort to a maximum.

New on the VTX is a Non-Certified “Hybrid” styled cat eye cage made with high quality stainless materials with reinforced post grooves to stabilize the cage throughout its tenure. Also, the outer brushing on the cage is Bauer’s True Vision technology coating which provides ultimate vision and durability from puck impact.

Capping off the fit and comfort, Bauer has installed the Profile harness, Profile 37.5 Sweatband and the Poron XRD chin cup. With all of these features, there will be a true pro style harness, a sweatband to reduce the sweat build up across the top of the forehead and a chin cup to provide protection and comfort.

If you are an elite-level goalie who is looking for top of the line mask seamlessly combining comfort and protection, look no further than the Bauer NME VTX Senior Non-Certified Cat Eye Goalie Mask.

Fit 1: 53-57 cm (Short height / Narrow width)
Fit 2: 55-58 cm (Medium height / Medium width)
Fit 3: 57-61 cm (Long height / Wide width)

Bauer Goalie Mask Sizing

Models  Size Circumference (cm.)
960 L 57 - 60
960 M 55 - 58
960 S 53 - 56
930 M-L 56 - 60
930 S-M 53 - 57
930 JR 51 - 55.5
930 YTH 49 - 53.5
950X M/L 57 - 61
950X S/M 55 - 58
940X SR 56 - 59.5
940X JR 53 - 57
NME VTX FIT 3 57 - 60
NME VTX FIT 2 55 - 58
NME VTX FIT 1 53 - 57
NME IX FIT 3 57 - 60
NME IX FIT 2 55 - 58
NME IX FIT 1 53 - 57
NME IX FIT 0.5 51.5 - 55.5
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