Easton Stealth C9.0 Hockey Elbow Pads Sr

Model: C9.0EPSr
You save: 350,00DKK


The Easton Stealth C9.0 Hockey Elbow Pads provide a lot of protection packed into a comfortable fit. The elbow cap features a hard PE (plastic) base with medium-density foams on the outside to protect against the different levels of impacts. In the forearm, Easton uses a contouring hard plastic and medium-density foams to protect the forearm from sticks and pucks. 

The C9.0 elbow pads feature an independent bicep guard, which is constructed of a mix of hard plastic and medium-density foams that balances protection with flexibility. The independent design allows the arm to maintain a full range of motion while securing the protective padding in place. The bicep utilizes one of the four straps in the elbow pad. Aside from the three traditional straps (bicep, elbow, and forearm), the C9.0 features a strap on top of the center neoprene strap that loops across the center of the arm and then across again to lock at the forearm.

The interior uses Easton's Bio-Dri™ liner. This liner wicks away moisture from your body to keep you dry and comfortable.

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