Easton Stealth CX Hockey Elbow Pads Sr

Model: CXEPSr
You save: 350,00DKK


The Easton Stealth CX Hockey Elbow Pads are the flagship elbows in the Stealth lineup. The elbow cap is ultra protective with an EVA foam exterior combined with a molded hard plastic base to provide protection against all levels of impact. 

The forearm showcases Easton's lightweight and extremely strong Hyperlite foam in a contoured wrap. In combination with the PE inserts, the forearm is well protected against slashes. We also see the Hyperlite foam in the bicep guard with medium-density foams. This pairing allows the bicep guard to wrap around the arm comfortably and protect the bicep with pro-level protection. This bicep guard uses an independent construction from the rest of the pad, giving the player's arms a full range of motion.

To secure the pad, Easton uses a 4-strap system. The top uses a traditional elastic band and the forearm uses the traditional nylon lock strap. Across the elbow, Easton utilizes a wide neoprene strap but adds an additional elastic strap on top which loops across and locks in with the forearm straps. 

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