Bauer TUUK Lightspeed 4 Edge Steel Runners

Model: LS4ED.RUN


The Bauer Tuuk LightSpeed 4 Edge Runners are the premier steel offering from Bauer. These LS4's utilize the highest-grade steel available which provides players with better bite, longer sharpening life and edges that are more resistant to chips/nicks. It also features a 10' radius and pro-preferred runner height that again offers better sharpening life but it also allows players to get over even further on their edges during cornering without bottoming out. These runners are sold in pairs.


  • Bauer General Sizing Guidelines
    Size / Legnth / Compatible Skate Sizes
    Sr. 6 / 254 / 6.0D-6.5D  (5.5EE-6.0EE)
    Sr. 7 / 263 / 7.0D-7.5D  (6.5EE-7.0EE)
    Sr. 8 / 272 / 8.0D-8.5D  (7.5EE-8.0EE)
    Sr. 9 / 280 / 9.0D-9.5D  (8.5EE-9.0EE)
    Sr. 10 / 288 / 10.0D-10.5D  (9.5EE-10.0EE)
    Sr. 11 / 296 / 11.0D-11.5D  (10.5EE-11.0EE)
    Sr. 12 / 306 / 12.0D  (11.5EE-12.0EE)


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