By: Sean Skinner

Swedish Stickhandling Ball

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\\\"This hardwood ball is the BEST tool that a player can use to develop soft, quick hands.
Think of the Swedish Stickhandling ball as the \\\'Speed bag\\\' of stickhandling training. Use this ball 10-15 minutes a day and you will see a dramatic improvement in the players ability to handle the puck.
Every player should carry one of these balls in their hockey bag!
They should use it at home, before and after practice and before the game as a warm-up to stimulate the neurological motor system. Don\\\'t be left without the training tool that is giving the other players the winning edge.

The history behind the Swedish Stickhandling ball. About 15 years ago North American hockey players started to copy the Swedish players who used wooden balls to practice their stickhandling. The North American players did not have access to the wooden balls so they began using golf balls instead. Many College and NHL Players who have been using a golf ball say that they prefer using the wooden balls because they do not bounce as much as the golf ball and you can shoot the wooden balls. \\\"
Sean Skinner

Sold single or in set of 5.

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