Bauer Nexus 1N Hockey Elbow Pads Jr

Model/varenr.: NXS1NEPJR
Du sparer: 480,00DKK


The Bauer Nexus 1N Hockey Elbow Pads is the flagship Bauer Nexus elbow with top notch coverage for excellent protection. Using an asymmetrical elbow cap shape, the 1N elbows are molded to fit the natural shape of each arm. The injected PE elbow cap is topped with HF foam to provide elite level protection to the elbow that also extends down into the forearm.

Underneath the elbow cap, Bauer uses their Seven+ Technology™ right on the sensitive elbow joint. Seven+ was adapted from the Cascade and IMS helmets, and uses molded cylindrical foam pods to give outstanding protection, especially for repeated impacts. The Bauer 1N elbow pads feature the Seven+ Tech™ in the forearm guard, in combination with high-density foams and a molded PE insert. 

Above the elbow cap, the bicep guard attaches by an elastic strap that allows for flexibility and effortless arm movement. Construction-wise, the bicep guard features a molded high density foam design with an extending PE dome to cover the side of the sensitive elbow joint. This lightweight design offers pro level protection with full coverage, even across the top of the bicep. 

Inside, the Bauer 1N elbow features a 37.5™ liner which uses a player's body heat to speed up the evaporation process and maintain a comfortable microclimate for the player. The interior also sees an elbow donut to lock the arm in place and secure the padding for a protective fit

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