Warrior Dynasty HD3 Hockey Elbow Pads Jr

Model/varenr.: HD3EPJr


The Warrior Dynasty HD3 Hockey Elbow Pads give players a comfortable fit with a solid level of protection. The elbow pads are constructed with a 2-piece design which allows the arm to move more easily. 


The HD3 elbow pads feature a molded plastic bicep guard attached at the top of the pad and reinforced with medium-density foams. The same padding construction is also seen in the forearm wrap to protect against slashes. Warrior uses a hard plastic elbow cap topped with medium-density foams, which is designed to protect both the player and others out on the ice. The liner in the HD3 elbow pads is the Wartech FnC that accelerates sweat evaporation and prevents odor-causing bacteria from forming. 


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