Bauer Nexus N9000 Hockey Shin Guards Jr

Model/varenr.: NXSN9000SGJR
Du sparer: 100,00DKK
12" 13"

The Bauer Nexus N9000 Hockey Shin Guards provide solid lightweight protection with an asymmetrical fit that's designed to best contour to the natural shape of the leg. Both the knee and shin caps feature a molded PE construction, with a ribs for energy dispersion and vents for airflow.

Around the knee, the N9000 features medium density foam wings, including an adjustable lower thigh guard above the knee. Additionally, Bauer added a molded dome PE knee wing to protect the sensitive side of the knee. In the calf, the Bauer N9000 shin guards use lightweight, but highly protective high density foams topped with a molded plastic insert. This lightweight design protects the calf against slashes and pucks while simultaneously providing a comfortable wrap around the leg. 

Inside, the Nexus N9000 shins feature a removable padded liner, with a knee donut to lock everything in place. This liner uses Thermo-Max, which is a soft microfiber liner that uses high level technology to quickly wick away and evaporate moisture to keep players cool throughout the game

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