Easton Mako Hockey Shoulder Pads Jr

Model/varenr.: RSSPJr
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The Easton Mako Shoulder Pads are the premier shoulder pads in the Mako line. Easton designed these pads to give the player that extra half second of stride by maximizing the amount of natural movement. The conic design in the shoulder area is vastly different from traditional shoulder pad construction allowing the pad's to match the natural movement of your shoulder's ball and socket joint perfectly. 

The fit and closure system on these pads are also different from traditional fit shoulder pads. The asymmetrical front frame closure system makes it very easy to get in and out of these shoulder pads, but more importantly they provide a snug and contoured fit with optimal range of movement. Easton states the fit is a "true second-skin feel." The rear panel is composed of three different pieces that are connected with a Lycra stretch material to allow each piece to move independently helping once again to boost overall mobility.

The protection on the Mako shoulder pads are top notch as well. The majority of the pad is made up of high density foams offering that elite level of protection. The front and back panels have perforated medium density foams as a base to provide mobility and breathability, while the key areas contain high density foams to absorb large amounts of energy. The shoulder caps have a real clean wrap front to back and are made up of 5 layers of different density foams. Since there is no plastic insert in the caps, these pads are certified.

  • Protection:
    • The outermost front panel has a thick pad of high density foam to provide excellent sternum protection
      • Surrounding the HD foam is perforated medium density foam
    • The innermost panel of the closure system has more perforated medium density foam
    • High density foams in spine and clavicle areas for a great advanced level of protection
    • HDPE ribbed inserts in the lower portion of the 2-piece bicep guard
    • Low-profile and 5-layered foam shoulder caps wrap around the shoulder protecting you and the competitor
  • Liner:
    • Air mesh - Helps increase air circulation
  • Fit:
    • Conic body construction provides the optimal natural range of motion
      • Asymmetric front closure system
      • Has the feeling of "second-skin"
    • 3-piece back provides excellent mobility
    • Adjustable bicep guards
    • Extended joint protection for vulnerable areas of the body
    • Comfort foam neck opening
    • Removable belly guard
    • Perforated chest and back panels allows for increased air circulation


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