Bauer Supreme TotalOne MX3 Ice Hockey Pants Jr

Model/varenr.: MX3HPJr.
Du sparer: 370,00DKK
Rød Sort Navy Blå
Medium Large

The Bauer Supreme TotalONE MX3 Ice Hockey Pants are the premier model in the Supreme series featuring a girdle and shell design that give it the most responsive and protective coverage in an ice pant.

Just like the rest of the Supreme line, the MX3's were made for a close, responsive fit that allows you to get the most power transfer with each movement. The Adaptable Core Technology on the girdle lets you adjust both the waist and the thighs so you can get the closest fit to your body and the most coverage possible while you're moving. Another great feature is how the shell attaches to the girdle. Velcro tabs wrap around loops on the girdle to keep the shell suspended so you don't have to tighten your waist extremely tight to hold the shell up. The shell is outfitted with single density foams for comprehensive coverage and has an opening on the right thigh for easy logo embellishment.

With the girdle being so close to your body, Bauer integrated 37.5™ technology into the liner for exceptional moisture management. 37.5™ utilizes your body heat to evaporate the moisture from the surrounding fabric, drying your gear five times faster than other similar fabrics while releasing heat. To make sure you got the best protection, Bauer included four layers of protection in the spine guard, including Poron XRD™, which absorbs 90% of all high and low impacts. High density foams backed by plastic inserts in the kidney, thigh, hip and tailbone provide elite level protection.

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