Bauer Vapor 1X Grip Hockey Sticks Jr 2016

Model/varenr.: 1XG16Jr
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The 2016 Bauer Vapor 1X Grip Stick offers the quickest shot release and lightest overall weight from a Vapor stick to date! Bauer was able to achieve this through a new way of orienting the carbon fiber layers to reduce the weight, quicken the release and to improve durability in the taper area by 30%.

This tapered area, called QRT or Quick Release Taper Technology, is the unique geometry in the lower third of the shaft. This enables players to get a shot off lightning quick without the need to load a significant amount of energy into the shaft, which requires valuable time. Accentuating the quick release is the Aero-Sense II blade core that provides the most stiffness and pop out of all three stick lines. The blade core also features aerospace-grade materials that are directly integrated into the outer layer of carbon fiber. Named the Sense-Layer, it provides enhanced protection from chipping, cracking and premature blade breakdown.

The stick itself is constructed of Bauer's signature TeXtreme Carbon and eLASTech resin. The flat-weave, silver carbon fiber is not only 20% lighter than traditional carbon but more importantly, it's 20% stronger too! Unique to only Bauer's top of the line models,eLASTech resin has carbon nanotube reinforcements that help prevent small fractures from growing, which eventually cause the stick to break. 

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