True A1.0 SBP Grip Hockey Sticks Jr

Model/varenr.: A1.0HSTJR
Du sparer: 50,00DKK
  • 40
  • TC2 (P92)


Besides the significantly improved weight reduction (30 grams in senior), the A1.0 SBP stick showcases True's new BRT (Braided Rib Technology) in its blade. BRT gives players a better feel that lasts longer than the previous ActivBond II blade from before.

Two seamless carbon fiber tubes run heel to toe, through the bottom and center of the blade, joining both the blade face and backhand. Unlike any other blade on the market though, foams are injected into the these tubes. The final result is an internal blade core that is 50% stronger and significantly much more consistent throughout. 

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